Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend 5: Rodeo Time!


A few of us went out to Citywalk again. I wasn't all that thrilled about it this time around. The more I think about it, the more I realize that these kinds of places are the reason I don't go to clubs much. Just too many fake people with too much attitude and too many beers in them. And, FFS, if you're a 250 pound girl getting busy with your girl friends on the dance floor, please avoid simulating doggy style in front of others while wearing spandex.

We mostly shot pool and hung out. Overall I had a good time, but I don't think I'll be heading back there again.


We'd heard about the infamous Club Rodeo from several other people in the class who'd been there. This is a place where:
  • There is a real-live bull riding ring, with live bull-riding every hour from 10pm to 1am. Yes, no joke. And no, it does not smell like manure.
  • You can ride the bull yourself if you like, as you long as you "bring your own chaps". No joke either.
  • People line-dance to anything - hip-hop, country, whatever. If it's music, it will be line-danced to.
Crazy? Sure. Good time? Hells yes! It's a great atmosphere, where everyone is very laid back, the dress code is "come as you are", and the music is banging. There were people in cowboy hats and boots, but most people were in regular street clothes. The place is pretty huge, with an upstairs and downstairs section, and of course the bull-riding ring towards the back of the club.

Here's a video I took during the first bull-riding session of the evening:

Some pics from the place:


A quiet day to recover from all of the craziness from the previous two days. Kelly came by, we went shooting (again, LOL), and afterwards we went to eat at On the Border. Man, I love that place. $10 buys you a huge meal, unlimited tortilla chips with salsa, and a soda - and you have enough to take home and have for dinner (which I did). Best deal in town. There's five of them around here within 25 miles, while back home they're few and far between.

When we got back, I introduced her to the Nintendo Wii. I could see she was really skeptical at first, but after a few matches in tennis, a good round of bowling (She beat me! Holy crap!), and some intense boxing she was really into it. I took it easy on her since she was just learning and it can be frustrating when you're trying something new out and keep getting your butt kicked. However, next time, the gloves come OFF! :)

Today's Note:

I miss Reggaeton. I would never have thought that I would say that, but man, recently I've been craving that good ol' Dem Bow beat. For those that don't know, Reggaeton is Latin American urban music. It melds a solid dancehall rhythm, Latin american instrumentation, and rapped "Spanglish" lyrics. It's very club friendly music with a lot of the songs being raw and dirty. It's absolutely ubiquitous in Miami, but it's absence here is shockingly conspicuous. So, after I got home from club Rodeo, I downloaded a bunch of reggaeton music from Daddy Yankee and Ivy Queen.

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