Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend 3: Friday

Man, I had a pretty active weekend this time around.

Friday Night: Burger Time

A bunch of us had made plans to hit the Oklahoma Redhawks Minor League baseball game tonight. Kind of a class deal. I really felt like getting out of the house and checking out something new and different, so this hit the spot. Plus, at $6 a ticket, you can't beat the price! The weather was pretty crap, so only 7 of us made it out there: Me, Blake, Emily, Matt, Stacy, Joe, and Raul.

While we were standing around by our seats, waiting for the game to start, this guy comes up to us and asks for four volunteers to be part of the inter-inning entertainment. Turns out he wants us for a McDonalds "Build a Burger" contest. Basically, you split into two teams of two, put on hamburger bun suits, one person lays down on either 1st base or 3rd base, and the other person proceeds to pile a bunch of foam "ingredients" on them. Emily and Stacy said yes pretty quickly. I said "screw it" and signed up, and was then joined by Matt, making it a 2 vs. 2 girls vs. guys thing.

At the middle of the 3rd inning, we met the guy up by the concession stand and he led us down into the bowels of the stadium. We ended up just inside the Redhawks' dugout, which was pretty cool. The guy proceeds to give us the "strategy" for this ridiculousness. Matt and I concur that, since he's tall as hell and can run fast, he'll be the "runner" and I'll be the one who goes out and lays out on the plate.

Attack of the Burger People:
So, we all put on our bun suits, don our "mentally challenged" crash helmets, and head out on to the field. Emily and Stacy head out to 3rd Base while Matt and I rush over to the 1st Base. We put on our bun suits with a quickness, and just as we finished putting them on, we hear the announcer going "Go!!!!". Matt and I look at each other, look at Emily and Stacy (who are hauling ass to 3rd base), and we bolt to the 1st base. I flop down, Matt piles all the ingredients on, and swan dives on top. Freaking ridiculous. It couldn't have taken more than 10 seconds.

Blake shot a funny-as-hell video of it from the stands, which I posted on YouTube:

After that stupidity, we stayed at the game for maybe a 1/2 hour more and then headed out to this club called Citywalk. I got over the "club thing" years ago (I spent a good part of my formative years on South Beach, either going to clubs or playing at them in various bands) but this place was pretty cool. It had a lot of different rooms, playing a lot of different kinds of music. And for those who aim to get hammered, they had nickel beers in the bottle, with the first one free after you pay the $10 cover.

We had a hankering to play some pool and the tables upstairs were taken, so we moved into the piano bar downstairs. It had one empty table, so we racked up and started shooting away. And man, do I need practice. The good thing was that, well, most of us sucked. The only one who knew what he was doing was Joe. All I can say is that I hope we can all vector airplanes to their destinations better than we can smack billiard balls into pockets.

Joe the Pro:
Definitely a cool night. It was good to hang out with some different people and do things out of my regular comfort zone (and if dressing up as a hamburger in front of thousands of people is in your comfort zone, please seek help...).

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Kelly said...

Haha that was awesome. Glad to see your having fun and expanding your horizons.

And yes, I need pool practice too. I went to a friend's house about a month ago that had a pool table. It took me like 10 shots to put my first ball in. It got better after that but man... it was embarrassing.