Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day 21: Tabletops Be Gone!

We finished up Tabletops today!

Over the past seven days of it, we've done six runs (with two variants of each run) for a total of 12 different problems. They start off pretty easy, but by problems 6a and 6b you're moving some pretty good metal. Lots of wake turbulence, military departures, LLWAS calls, runway 34 departures and arrivals, helos, etc.

For the last run (problems 6a and 6b) you're evaluated using an OJT (On-the-Job-Training) form like you would be at your facility. It really ups the ante and lights a fire under your butt to do well. The form is more or less a checklist of sorts, and also features an area with the comments.

I gotta say that I rocked on these last two Ground and Local runs. Ground just keeps getting better and better. For Local, my low point was yesterday, and today was my highest high so far. It was great. Traffic calls, wake turb, etc. Cool stuff. I kept ahead of the traffic for the most part, though I'm still having a little trouble remembering to clear the TnG's early enough.

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