Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend 4: Shooting and Studying

First off, I'm sorry for not posting a lot about the tabletops. I will get to it this weekend. There's just been a lot to absorb and it's been a rollercoaster ride.


Kelly and I went shooting again today. Stress relief! I really feel my accuracy is improving. Hell, the first shot of the day was a bullseye! (It all went downhill after that, LOL...)

I got to shoot Kelly's .45 caliber Springfield 1911 too. Man, that thing is comfortable. It's a round twice as big as the Makarov's, but the recoil felt half as much. I guess that's what you get when you compare a $165 military sidearm (my Mak) against a $700+ piece of mechanical art.

Me shooting my Makarov:

Kelly laying waste to her target:

"Eyes and ears" are so stylish...


We've got the CTO test (Control Tower Operator Certification Exam) coming up Thursday, so it's time to hit the books. Joanna and Kelly came over today for a while. Matt O. was supposed to show but never did.

The CTO exam study guide is pretty intense. It covers a lot of things that we never explicitly covered in the academic portion of our training. In fact, a lot of it comes out of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and the Airmen's Information Manual (AIM) used by pilots. As a pilot, some of it was review, but for someone who's never taken the FAA written exam I would highly recommend cracking open FAR's or taking a look at the AIM. If you've had at least the private ground school, you should have a leg up on things.

Common things that are covered in there include:
  • Emergencies and bomb threats
  • Air space restrictions and types
  • Instrument procedures and approaches
  • Loss of radio contact
  • Administrative stuff like facility ratings and eligibility
  • Aircraft categories
  • Wake turbulence
After Joanna showed up, we moved back inside and did a bunch of runs on the paper airport. We had a good time with it, getting our phraseology down and coming across unanswered questions to bring up with our instructors. It was a lot of fun, since we were more or less goofing around with it.


r9s said...

nice stress reliever... squeeze - don't pull.

Wicked Penguin said...

For sure - it definitely improves control and stability.

One thing with the Makarov is that, as a Cold War sidearm, it doesn't have the "white dot" sights that most modern pistols do. When you're shooting at a black target using black sights on a black pistol, you lose contrast. It's more of a challenge than, say, the .45 I also shot. It's more rewarding in that sense.