Friday, May 25, 2007

Day 9: Wind Shear Advisories in Effect

Today's Lessons
  • Ground Movement
  • Wind Shear/LLWAS
  • Local Control
I'm kind of tired today, so I'm not going to into too much detail about these.

Ground Movement was pretty straightfoward. It just covered basic taxi instructions, with an emphasis on getting proper read back. Always keep an ear out in case an aircraft doesn't read back a hold short instruction, or says "28L" instead of "28R". A girl failed her PV because of the latter. Always remember: a stupid mistake like that can get someone killed.

LLWAS covered the different systems and procedures required for handling Low Level Wind Shear. It included the actual hardware, the phraseology for the ATIS (the title of this post), and what the local controller is supposed to do when wind shear is detected.

Lastly... Local Control dealt with coordination procedures, military takeoff procedures, safety alerts, traffic advisories, runway visual range, position and hold, and much more. As you can imagine, Local has a pretty hefty amount of information.

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