Friday, May 25, 2007

The Hot Wheels Airport

"Cessna Four-Kilo-Bravo, Academy Tower, runway Two-Eight Right, cleared to land. Traffic, housefly on left base, runway Two-Eight Left."

We got some airports and plastic planes to take home today and practice over the weekend.

I also made myself some laminated strips and got some dry-erase markers. For four markers and six laminated sheets (total 48 strips) it came out to $15 at Office Depot. Not bad for something that's infinitely reusable.

We also got a list of some of the common callsigns we'll be seeing, so we can use them on our stripmarking and get familiar with them.

I'm heading out in a few to go meet some of the class at Cimarron's steakhouse over on Meridian. I'll be back on later to finish the post and catch up on what else we did today...

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Kelly said...

Have fun and enjoy the movie, Baby Bro. Like the blog, interesting to hear what's going on! ;)