Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend One


Today was a pretty quiet and relaxing day. I actually slept in past 9:30am - not surprising considering that for an entire week I'd been getting up at 5:15am.

For lunch, Mary and I hit our favorite Mexican place, On The Border. As always, the food was plentiful and cheap, and we had a really good server.

After dropping the leftovers back at the apartment, we went down to the Bricktown area. Bricktown is essentially the hotspot in OKC, with movie theatres, nice restaurants, clubs, and bars. Not exactly South Beach, but it's got some charm with its busted, battered brick buildings (enough "b's?") and downtown backdrop.

We ended up seeing Shrek the Third. It was pretty amusing, but I've got to agree with a lot of reviewers who've said that they simply tried to throw in too much. They've gathered too many characters over the past two movies, and now feel compelled to bring them all back. The end result is a movie called Shrek where Shrek himself has maybe 1/2 to 1/3 of the screentime and the plot has been reduced to "Get Arthur and come back". It was a better second sequel than Spiderman 3 (which was just a sloppy disaster) but after this I don't really want to see Shrek IV.

Afterwards, we spent the rest of the day back at the apartment hanging out and spending time together. Dinner was a reheat of lunch's leftovers and a healthy dose of popcorn. We watched Anger Management with dinner - my God does Jack Nicholson need a beating in that movie.

Today's Note: Parents, for the love of all that is good and holy, please do NOT bring your 5 month old infant to the movies. The kid can't even say "mama" yet and you're somehow expecting it to miraculously follow plot points and understand dialogue? I understand that kids learn a lot by watching movies and TV, but when your child has not yet learned to control its own neck you might just be jumping the gun. Save us the annoyance and leave your screaming bundle of joy with the sitter.


I took Mary off to the airport this morning at around 4:30am. It was a horrible feeling, watching her head out through the security line. I honestly don't even really want to talk about it. The few days apart we've had over the years have been hard enough - but 3 months? I don't really have words for it- I just miss her so terribly...Thankfully she got in safely and her parents picked her up.

I spent the morning hanging around the house. Later on, Kelly from my class came by and we went to the Sooner gun show at the OK City Fair Grounds. She drives this huge red Toyota pickup truck, but handles it like a small car. It was such a shocking change to be in a car with *gasp!* power locks and *shock!* power windows after driving my P.O.S. Cavalier for a week.

Anyways, we picked up some ammo and I got a new case for my Makarov. There was really nothing else - all the good stuff had been sold over the previous couple of days, so all that was left was the dregs. All-in-all it was actually a pretty disappointing show. Afterwards, we headed over to a Chinese buffet place and grabbed some lunch, and she dropped me off back at the apartment.

Mary got on the webcam later on and we talked for a while. At least we're able to see each other. Webcams may be considered old technology now, but there's still something magical about not only hearing your loved one, but being able to see each other. Smile together, laugh together, watch TV together (as always, it's fun to pick apart Rachael Ray), etc. It's not the same as having her here, but.... it's something.

I made my first on-my-own meal tonight: Gnocchi in pink sauce. I made a heck of a mess in the kitchen, but whatever - I had enough for dinner and the following day's lunch. I unfortunately made too much sauce, and even after sopping some of it up with bread I ended up having to toss some. Oh well...

Today's Note: What the hell were a B-47 and B-52 fuselage doing sitting in the middle of a County Fair parking lot? Seriously, no joke. I wish I'd had my camera with me. They looked like crap, lying on the ground with no wings, but they were there. You can see them clearly here.

Here's an old picture, while the B-47 was still intact.
Being Oklahoma, I had expected to see plenty of cars up on concrete blocks... but Cold War jet bombers? Wow.

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