Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Picking Cacti Out of the Landing Gear

My dad sent me this video today of a harrowing landing in Honduras. Remind me never to visit this place - ever.

Insane Landing In Honduras - Watch more free videos

It put me on a search for some more harrowing landings.

Here's one into Funchal, on the island of Madeira. The airport's runway is partially built on a massive series of pylons extending out into the ocean. It is essentially a giant concrete aircraft carrier, capable of handling most large airliners.

This is a nice combination exterior and cockpit video:

But nothing beats Saba. Unofficially the world's shortest runway with scheduled airliner traffic, and officially closed (Winair and any other airlines are required to have a waiver in order to fly into it), it is essentially a strip carved into the side of a Caribbean volcano. 1000 feet long, it is surrounded on three sides by sheer cliffs. Only STOL aircraft can safely use it.

Here are a couple great cockpit videos:

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