Friday, August 22, 2008

Yay. It's Fay.

So we're battening down a few hatches for Tropical Storm Fay. This is the first named storm my wife and I have experienced in Pensacola, so we've stocked up on vital supplies like a camping stove, lanterns, fuel, flashlights, etc.

As of yesterday, the Navy hasn't expressed any real signs of evacuating (what we call around here a HurriVac, or Hurricane Evacuation). However, we have seen a lot of Coast Guard overflights, including what seemed to be a whole squadron of HH-65 Dolphins recovering to Jacksonville and a few Falcons that were back and forth to the Opa Locka CG station in Miami.

Considering the storm's supposed to hit us tomorrow, I imagine today may turn out be an interesting day. If the Navy squadrons do decide to head for the hills, hopefully they do it during the day when we have actual people here on hand to work them.

I say that because apparently one time they HurriVac'd on the midnight shift. We had one CPC in the building, settling in for a night of light itinerant traffic, police helo calls, and occasional medical helos. Suddenly, the floodgates open and both Sherman and Whiting unloaded what was apparently their entire training wings of hundreds of aircraft. Somehow I think sunrise (and his relief) couldn't come soon enough for that controller. :)

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