Thursday, August 28, 2008

Awww, Frak... (Part Deux)

Well, it looks like Gustav is tracking a bit further west now. Five out of six forecast models show a direct hit in Louisiana. Based on those forecasts, we'll definitely get some of it here, but not as much as anticipated. We're not out of the woods yet, though. There's still six days before it makes landfall in the States.

We're heading up to Atlanta tonight to go hang out with some friends. Before we go, we're going out to get generator gas and plywood. Chances are that when we come back on Sunday night or Monday morning, there will either A) be no gas or plywood left or B) the lines to get the remaining gas or plywood will be miles long.

But those poor people in Louisiana... I hope the levees hold and more of them get out of the way this time. Having just been there recently, the damage from Katrina is still evident three years later. Flattened houses, wall-less buildings, trash and debris still piled up.

One of the guys at work showed me some pictures from Katrina's sideways blow at Mississippi. I'll have to post those later - I ran out of time to put them on my flash drive. Let's just say it looked like the world ended. If you've ever seen the nuclear war movie The Day After with Jason Robards or read Pat Frank's Alas Babylon, that's pretty much how it looked.

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