Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rain Days and Videos

Well, it's still hot. At least we've had some thunder-bumpers roll through to give our water bill a respite and our lawns some life. Of course, the air's nice and humid now and the airplanes are climbing like three-legged dogs, but things look a lot greener... when you can see them, that is.

There's a control tower out there, somewhere:

Kind of quiet today. I was going through my blog roll and came across a funny little video someone had posted.

Remember when Delta came out with the "hot flight attendant" aircraft safety video a year or two ago? It hit the web and TV news like wildfire and caused quite a stir. But watching it now, there's absolutely nothing remarkable about the video other than the fact the spokeswoman's, well, a hottie. Outside of a "no smoking" finger waggle, she just delivers her lines with a smile.

Here's the "Deltalina" vid for those that don't remember it.

Well, you gotta love the Kiwis of Air New Zealand. When they make an inflight safety video, they also do it wearing a smile... and little else.

Two words: body paint. (And yes, it's safe for work - all the bits are strategically covered)

Could anyone imagine a U.S. airline doing something like that? Oh, the scandal....


Julien said...

They have a TV ad along the same lines, with baggage handlers and even the airline CEO covered in body paint. It's all here, including behind-the-scenes videos: http://www.nothingtohide.co.nz/.

deltamike172 said...

All I can say is "Beep Delta!"