Monday, June 22, 2009

Away with the Heat

Okay, this heat needs to go away. A few days of 90+ degree weather is fine, but we're going on a week now, with no letup in sight.

My wife's lovingly cared-for vegetable garden is shriveling up (except for the eggplants). The water bill's sky high from all the sprinklers we've been running. I've had to curtail my bike riding because the heat is so oppressive.

Friday, I was working a Skylane landing at a local field. He was at 8000. I told the guy to descend to 3000. He replied, "Is there anyway you can make that a pilot's discretion descent? We're trying to stay up as long as possible to keep cool." I granted his request. Having flown Cessnas all over South Florida in the thick of summer, I can relate to that lovely greenhouse effect those big windows provide.

On Saturday, I planned to head down to the beach and find a nice place outdoors to do some creative writing. The 110 degree heat index changed my mind in a big way. As much as I love the ocean and the outdoors, I felt like I was going to melt.

Instead, I headed on down to the Naval Aviation Museum, laptop in tow. I figured, it's free, it's air conditioned, and it's full of airplanes. There are worse places to write about real aviation and about ficticious aerial adventures in times long past.

With a view like below, I can't complain. Plus, the Cubi Bar Cafe makes a darned good chili, that was absolutely worth eating even though it was hella hot outside.

(Taken with my crappy laptop webcam, as I stupidly left my regular camera at home)


Anonymous said...

Never discount the "novelty" cameras. At a reasonable size your photograph retains an ethereal quality. Don't fuss about the heat. At least you have an ocean to cool off in. Everyone has to train in Oklahoma, a few of us have to live here.

Wicked Penguin said...

You should see some of the photos I took with my first digital camera, a Ricoh RDC-300. Its images were 640x480 resolution, and I bought it in 1998 for around $350. I loved that camera, because a lot of the images it took had a certain "painterly" quality to them. They weren't all great pics, but they were unique.

Here are a couple I saved from back then:
* World Trade Center - taken in May 2001 with a wide-angle adapter
* Rollercoaster in Copenhagen - Summer 1998

As far as the heat, I was in Oklahoma City around this time to train. I found it hotter, more humid, and more oppressive than Miami or Pensacola. As you mentioned, at least we have the ocean. I feel for you guys.

r9s said...

- wicked

our local order at MAF prohibits the use of pilot's discretion descents. it is 100° today - at least we are 3000' msl. but make sure you fly your cessna out here after it cools off.