Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Happenings

We're well into the holiday season here and I'm sure everyone's going nuts as the end of the year comes rushing towards us. There's a lot happening on my end, some of which I can't talk about at this time (no worries - all good things). However, I just want to let you guys know about a couple things that I've been working on lately.

First up, a $10 sign-up special for, our OJT time tracking site. Just type "HOLIDAY" into the sign up form's coupon code field. As usual, the sign-up fee guarantees you a lifetime membership to the site. That includes unlimited facilities, positions, instructors, and hours.

One of our upcoming features is going to be the ability to print 3120-25 forms straight from the site. It'll automatically prefill the top of the form, including your total hours, name, date, and the various checkboxes based on what you've selected.

This is a screenshot of our current prototype:

Secondly, I've opened up a little online shop called ATC Gear, selling ATC-related products. I've put up some homemade designs for shirts, mouse pads, bumper stickers, beverage containment devices, and more.

Product suggestions are definitely welcome! What would you guys and gals like to see on there?

One of the cooler products - in my humble opinion - is a computer mousepad in the form of an ARTS keyboard. If you're so inclined, you can practice ditching your newfangled QWERTY keyboard in lieu of the ol' ABCDEFG. This is a reproduction of the same keyboards we use here on our scopes.

If you're looking to make a Christmas present out of anything on there, CafePress is having a special where if you order by Dec. 17th, they'll automatically upgrade you to two day shipping so you receive it by the 24th.

Anyways, that's all for now. I've got a few more blog posts in the runup area, checking their RPMs, vacuum pumps, and oil temps. They'll be coming out shortly.


Brian said...

Great idea with the website! Hope you are enjoying the growth of, I sent a few your way :)

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Love the gear,

what I would love to see is some of the beverage containment devices have sealable lids so I could take them into the control room

just a suggestion


Steve said...

You evil capitalist you!

I hope you're surrendering 100% of your revenues to the Agency. They will decide how much of THEIR money you can get back later.

Wicked Penguin said...

@BK: Thanks! I hope you and S. enjoy your first Christmas of lawfully wedded bliss! :D

@Anon: On the way!

@Steve: LOL. If I was an Evil Capitalist I'd actually make some money. :) Believe me when I say the small fee I ask for the ATC Hours site doesn't come close to covering the hundreds of hours I've spent on developing and maintaining the site. I just want to provide a good service and cover some of my basic "hard" costs such as hosting.

Anonymous said...

Said 'uh... disregard' today on freq. Glad these n00b words are being immortalized on a t-shirt :D

-Brady, MDC

Wicked Penguin said...

Heya Brady!

Yup. I've used that wonderful piece of phraseology quite a bit. "Delta 123, descend and maintain... " - Shit... can't do that. He's not in my airspace yet - "uhhh.... disregard."

Thankfully those are growing very rare since I've become better at the "engage brain before putting mouth in gear" thing.

r9s said...


got some of this stuff for my ojti. now everyone has at least a coffee mug. i'm not sure if you know to where everything is being shipped - but MAF in west texas loves you...


Wicked Penguin said...

Ryan, that's awesome!

You've got to send me a pic. :)