Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fishing for Airbus

This is a pretty neat time-lapse video someone took of the USAir 1549 A320 being fished from the Hudson. It kind of reminds me of those "crane games" for kids you see in supermarkets and bowling alleys, except instead of a stuffed purple giraffe you're getting a slightly used 140 foot Airbus.

I know we're reaching media saturation with this, so I'll just say that everyone involved did a fantastic job getting those people off there. It's not a "miracle", but simply people keeping their heads cool, properly executing their training, and working together.

1 comment: said...

Thanks for mentioning that its "not a miracle". It always angers me when people have to apply such a useless word to incredible invents. A series of professionals did their jobs. For that we can be grateful.