Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day


Anonymous said...

Too bad we are forbidden by the current administration to even know when a fallen brother is returning, let alone honer them as the Canadians do.

I would like to kick Brian Williams for not standing up for American's right to know.

So much for Veteran's day.

I am the only veteran on my block flying the flag for my fallen brothers and sisters.

Nam Vet

Towerboss said...

I agree with the Nam Vet. We should have more like this in our country. There is one group I know of that does this... http://www.patriotguard.org/ if you're intrested.

I do it, as a vet, a husband, and son.

Wicked Penguin said...

@towerboss: Agreed. It's no secret that American soldiers are dying overseas, so there's no sense in covering it up. Let them be honored as they should be.

@anon: If there's anyone who needs kicking (and a whole lot more, hopefully involving a healthy amount of C4), it's those aberrations from the Westboro Baptist Church. You know, the "God Hates America / God Hates Fags / Thank God for IEDs / God Hates [insert group here]" people.

Warning: If you love this country, be careful clicking on those links. I am not responsible for any holes punched through walls or items thrown across the room. These people are monsters through-and-through.

What kind of animal pickets soldiers' funerals, saying someone's son or daughter deserved to die? These soldiers died for the right of those hate-spewing bastards to say whatever they want and enjoy their freedoms, and how do those WBC bastards respond? "Number who have entered hell as punishment for your sins: 4,099. WBC Prays for it to be All Service Members!"

What frightens me is the amount of young people that attend their protests. I mean, just take a look at this video of the Church founder's granddaughters. These are two decent looking young women who look like they should be heading to the beach or the mall, and instead they're spewing this unbelievable amount of hate. And they are so casual about it.

Thankfully, the Aussies put those Westboro idiots in their place. Funny stuff.