Monday, October 13, 2008

Photo Day

Columbus Day. Get to relax, take a day off, disengage the mind, and get away from the computer as much as I can. In the meantime, here's a few pics I took in the past week.

Air Force Dumb
Sarah Palin rolled into town last week on a chartered Jet Blue Embraer. You all already know how I feel about her. I will say that it looks like she brought the entire population of Alaska with her. She apparently gave a speech at the Pensacola Civic Center which brought out the entire population of Pensacola. From the clips I've seen, the crowd was filled with wonderful folks like these. And these.

Ugly Plane of the Week
I worked this guy in for his approach, got relieved, and went out back to watch him land. It's a C-2 Greyhound, designed for COD: Carrier Onboard Delivery. In other words, it's a flying mail and cargo truck used to transport items back and forth from aircraft carriers while they're at sea. Now when I say "ugly" I don't mean it that badly. It's more along the lines of the A-10 Warthog brand of ugly: it's designed to do something, do it well, and it doesn't have to be pretty to do it. Considering that the Navy's been flying them for nearly 50 years and has no plans for replacing them, they must do a pretty good job.

Here he is taxiing in around a departing CRJ-700.

We Be Jammin'

While a lot of folks here at my work watch ESPN or the Golf Channel on break, that's not for me. I prefer a more musical method of relaxation to keep my head straight. Sometimes on a quiet, cool day, and especially after a rough training session, I'll take a guitar out on the back staircase and play some tunes to clear my mind. I've found that music truly is the best medicine.

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Anonymous said...

That guy who pounded you for not knowing 'everything" must be really old. I was at Hurlburt, Main, Duke, and back to Main from Feb. 1957 to Sept 1960 working in the VFR towers an there was a rapcon with GCA. I saw the first B-47 drone T/O and land at Duke.