Saturday, September 27, 2008

3D Film Updates

I've been continuing to work on that short 3D film I mentioned a little while ago. Here's a couple new renderings. So far, no characters, only set designs.

Interior shot of FBO Set

Rough lighting, untweaked textures, but the layout is complete.

Exterior shot of airport
Rough lighting, no shadows, very basic.

I'm still in Tutorial Hell at this point. I haven't designed a 3D character in a long, long time, so I'm playing catch-up. There's so much that goes into designing a character, and if you don't use that knowledge it fades. Modeling the face and body, building the skeleton, attaching the skin to the bones, making the appropriate "cuts" in the skin so the figure bends properly without distorting - all that is highly technical stuff that, if not done right, can ruin the character outright and/or make life difficult when animating them.

The last character I designed was the Bee fellow, a mascot for a web site client I had a couple years ago:

Not exactly the level of realism I'm going for on this new project. But it was fun. :)

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