Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy Busy

I apologize for the lack of updates. I've got plenty of material to write about, but time has been a little short lately. I've got a few web site projects that I'm working on currently. In addition, my in-laws were in town this past week so that's taken up a lot of my free time.

Training's been going alright. This past week started on a bad footing, with a really rough day of training on the Pensacola bank of scopes that left me frustrated. I made a lot of stupid mistakes and wound up with some nasty training reports. I mean, just really, really dumb mistakes. That whole day I just felt mentally "off" and it resulted in some piss-poor training reports.

However, every day after that was progressively better. I'm feeling much more comfortable on the bank now and getting a good idea where all the problem areas lie. The areas I'm focusing on the most are my working speed and my scan. This is due to the overall higher speeds of the traffic and confined nature of the airpace. "Flash early and flash often" is the rule of the game here, as most of the time you've got to get your traffic sorted out quickly. The second an airliner comes off the runway, he's already in handoff status to the center. The moment I get an eastbound King Air on my frequency, he's already in handoff status to Eglin AFB. If you're telling yourself "I'll get to it in a minute" you're already behind the curve.

Anyways, I'll update on that later. Just wanted to make a mention of what's up over here.

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