Saturday, June 21, 2008

Evolution Gone Mad

So, I just downloaded the Spore Creature Creator. Man, what a trip.

Spore is a new game by the people who made The Sims, SimCity, and a whole slew of other "Sim" games. Unlike The Sims, where you create neighborhoods, houses, and then populate them with dysfunctional families that like to go "Woo-hoo!", Spore is all about making creatures.

This game really lets you rip with your imagination. You start out with a "blob" with a spinal cord, and just start dragging and dropping body parts on to it. You want it with six legs? Go for it! Four eyes? No problem. Purple and covered in horns? Sounds like a plan! Each creature has different attributes that contribute to its general survivability and success compared to other creatures.

I couldn't help but be reminded of this cartoon from the Far Side:

A lot of people post their creations online. The results are often hilarious, making the oft-maligned platypus seem normal. Most of the creatures people create in Spore seem to have been caused by one of the following:
  1. God was tripping on some serious acid.
  2. Evolution reversed itself and is now based off of "Survival of the weakest".
  3. Mrs. Potato Head and the cast of Monsters Inc. had an orgy that resulted in some very disturbing offspring.
Here's my first contribution to the shallow end of the gene pool. I wanted to make something "Penguin-y" and this is the result. The demo creature creator doesn't have many "bird" options - such as beaks - so this little Wicked Penguin has a crocodilian head. But, hey, doesn't he look happy!?!?

And here's my second creature, a little 6-limbed hoofed being I lovingly named "OMG WTF".

See? Now the platypus looks as normal as a dairy cow compared to dear little OMG WTF.

The best demo of them all is this one below. To sum it up, Spore's creator Will Wright lets comedian Robin Williams have a go at the Creature Creator.

Hilarity ensues. :)

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