Monday, April 28, 2008

Fam Flight

Well, a simulated Fam flight.

I've been really curious about the training aircraft the Navy fly around here. I've got Microsoft Flight Simulator X, so I decided to hunt around for some download-able versions of the planes we see here all the time. While the only T-34 I could find was the old B-model (piston, not T-prop), I did find a quite excellent version of the T-6 Texan II's that are used for training at NAS Pensacola. And... it even brings an NAS Pensacola skin for Training Air Wing Six (TAW-6)!

I also found some scenery for NAS Pensacola itself. It's pretty darn good and includes the Blue Angels hangar, Naval Aviation Museum, and other landmarks. It provides a lot more detail than the stock FSX "generic airport". Cool stuff.

So I loaded up, spooled her up, and went tooling around my neck of the woods.

The NAS Pensacola ramp, with the Blues parked in the background.

"Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full."
The NAS Pensacola complex.
Practicing an approach at Pensacola Regional.
Screaming over the waves at 270 knots.

One of the reasons I downloaded the plane was to see where certain avionics are, like the transponders, navigation receivers, and radios. This gives me a better idea of what the pilot himself is doing in the cockpit.

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Charles Rich said...

Where did you find the downloadable T-6? I have been looking all over the place.