Friday, January 12, 2007

iPhone (aka iBroke or iShouldaBoughtaPS3)

So Apple just released their iPhone.

* Plays video. Check.
* Plays music. Check.
* Stores 4GB of data. Check.
* Full keyboard. Check.
* Has a touch screen. Check.
* Automatically detects if you're widescreen or portrait. Check.
* Built-in WiFi. Check.
* Capable browser, email, chat, and office software. Check.
* Bluetooth. Check.
* Built-in video-capable camera. Check.
* Nice looks. Check.
* Exchangeable battery with amazing longevity. Check.

Yeap, sounds good. Oh wait...that's right, I'm talking about my Cingular 8125 Windows Smartphone.

Which I bought last year.

For $300.

For the same price that they're selling the iPhone, I bought the 8125 as well as an Archos 504 with 4.5" widescreen and 80GB of media storage.

Go Cisco.

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