Monday, October 09, 2006

The Most Dangerous Person in the World is...

...a new pilot! (i.e. me).

So far I've taken up 5 people, and it's been fascinating seeing everyone's reactions to their first adventure in a small aircraft. Let's do a rundown:
  • My dad: Well, not a "passenger" - more of a safety pilot. :) I just wanted him to be my first passenger, since he was the main reason I went into pilot training in the first place. I got a little embarrassed on my first landing attempt - the local controller gave me a hard time after I went around, even thoughthe ass. It was just a real special moment for me, having him by my side the first time I took to the air as a pilot-in-command.
  • Adriano (Friend): My first non-pilot passenger, he was a bit...err...anxious. While I was doing my pre-flight, he photographed every dent, rust spot, and crack in the airplane. Keep in mind, most 1970's era Cessnas are pretty beat up on the outside - it's what inside (i.e. engine and structure) that counts. Of all the people I took up, he was definitely the most nervous.
  • Mike (Friend): Mr. Calm - he was relaxed but alert.
  • Ed (Friend): Like a kid in a candy store, he was constantly taking photos, looking around. He was thrilled when I let him fly a bit. After we got back, he was looking all over at the flight training brochures.
  • Annemaria (Actress): A beautiful young actress from Finland, Annemaria was playing the role of a Cessna search and rescue pilot in a local Miami play. She was very calm on the outside, but she told me afterwards that she was feeling a little nauseous - probably nerves, she said.
Future victims:
  • Mary, my wife: I don't know what it's going to take to get her in an airplane with me.

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