Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Still Around!

I am still alive, contrary to popular opinion. :)

I had some speed bumps late last year, but with a new training team the wind's back in my sails. I'm finally just about done on the Pensacola bank. Can't wait to get that out of the way, knock out the last couple of sectors, and just work traffic. Things are looking good for certification.

On the blogging, I've written so much over the past three years that I needed to take a break and focus on some other projects. There are only so many hours in the day and I have so many different interests - my wife, family, music, design work, professional writing - that it became hard to find the time. At work I've also gotten involved in developing the training program for the next batch of trainees. We literally had no training program when I started, so hopefully things will be better for future arrivals.

Anyways, as always here's a visual aid. This morning, the Blue Angels decided to come over to Pensacola Regional and shoot some practice approaches. I guess they need to do their currency approaches like any other pilot.

Here's a view from the new TRACON's back porch as BA #1 executes a missed approach off our ILS 17.


Dave Starr said...

Hey, glad to see a post come up from out of your neck of the woods. I well know the issues of dealing with infinite interests and a finite number of hours to deal with them in.

Have you been making any progress with the "Lighter than Air" novel?

Write when you can, but most importantly, be happy.

Anonymous said...

video does not work. privacy issue.

JavalĂ­ Rubio said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Penguin,
Just curious if the FAA is planning on changing the age 31 rule? Been flying for a long time and am thinking of changing to ATC. Probelm is I'm 31 next month.

Great posts, BTW, really enjoying them and your music!

Peter said...

What's up with The Flying Penguin these days? Haven't seen anything new with the blog... hope all is alright.

AC2USN said...

To: The Flying Penguin

How Is training going? You state you are back on track.

Enjoy the beach,


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